The Curse Of Ra

The Curse Of Ra 3.4

The Curse of Ra is a Mahjongg game that introduces various elements
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The Curse of Ra is a MahJongg game with new elements. The Curse of Ra is a game with the traditional rules of MahJongg, but with a difference: unlike traditional MahJongg, always played in the same layout, this game delivers a different puzzle on each level. You´ll have to match identical tiles that are in the same line of sight. This way both tiles will be taken off the board, allowing other pairs to be removed. You will have a time limit to eliminate every tile on the board. Once you achieve this, you will advance to the next level. The game will then give you a password. If you later want to resume the game from the last achieved level, you´ll have to enter that password.

The Curse of Ra has some new elements, like bombs, magnets and walls. On some levels, you can use special tiles that are outside the main group of tiles to match pairs. You can also use hints if you don´k know which tiles to match. The game has 50 levels (named dynasties), that you´ll have to complete to win the game.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive game


  • Graphics are too simple
  • The music is annoying
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